It can be a challenge to host a board meeting. You need to balance ensuring your team is engaged, informed and focused with creating a friendly environment that cultivates collaboration and encourages open communication. If you’re running a Board meeting in person or remotely from multiple locations, you can use the best practices to enhance the effectiveness of your meetings and enjoyable.

Get distracted

Discussion topics that are brought up during your meeting could eat up valuable time and divert your team from the primary agenda items. It is important to give new issues the attention they deserve, while making sure you are mindful of your goal of advancing the goals of your organization. You can accomplish this by adding a „parking area“ to your agenda so that you can put non-urgent items put on hold for consideration later.

A clear sequence

A well-organized board meeting will have a clear structure. This includes the call to orders, the review of the boardbook and the explanation of the procedure and the agenda of items to be addressed in the coming days as well as the discussion of past and new business, and the adjournment. This will help you concentrate on the most important issues and keep the meeting on track.

Focusing your meeting isn’t always easy, especially when the topic causes a lively debate. A spirited discussion can be beneficial if you can resolve review the issue and move on with your agenda. It’s not wise to repeat previous discussions during your meeting.