A board meeting is a chance to discuss strategic issues and make decisions that will contribute to your company’s success. If the meeting is not well planned or executed it could be ineffective and a waste of board member time. To ensure your board meetings are successful it is crucial to recognize common mistakes that can impede board productivity and performance.

1. Overcrowding your agenda

Many topics are discussed https://onlineboardmeeting.org/essential-features-of-boardpaq-platform in one gathering, which results in chaotic discussions. This kind of discussion is also difficult to maintain.

2. The documentation for the board is not well-prepared.

When you are prepping for board meetings, it is essential to have all the necessary materials handed out to board members prior to the meeting begins. This includes the agenda, minutes from past meetings and the board book. It also includes committee reports, proposals for policy and other relevant information.

3. Failure to follow through on actions

Failure to act on the results of your board meetings is a major problem that can be avoided by assigning clear deadlines and responsibilities to each task and promptly communicating the actions following the meeting.

It is essential that each board member has an input in the making of decisions. This requires establishing an environment in which diverse perspectives are valued and combined to make a well-rounded decisions. This can be accomplished by ensuring all members have the opportunity to participate at every meeting, and that the outcomes of the board’s decision-making process are documented in a timely manner.