Data room software is a secure virtual space to share and collaborate on time-sensitive documents. Data room software is utilized by companies for due diligence prior to a merger or an acquisition and to send documents to law firms for an issue that has already taken place and to involve prospects in the sales process. A VDR is a crucial tool for any business that relies on accurate information.

When comparing the providers of data rooms ensure they offer a full range of options. Some vendors offer a limited set of tools and charge additional fees for more advanced features. Others are more universal and provide the full range of options at the same cost.

The most reliable online data rooms offer a variety of file formats that can be supported including Office PDF, images, and PDF. Some data rooms can even support audio, videos, and presentations. Select a service that provides unlimited versions of uploaded files, as well as rollback support. A reliable VDR can also work with different operating systems and permit users to transfer large files and organize them using a directory listing or dataroom index.

The top virtual datarooms are equipped with a range of compliance certificates, as as extensive access control features. For instance, iDeals, Citrix and Datasite all feature multi-factor authentication, security impersonation of the user as well as mobile device management access expiration with granular permissions and IP address-based restrictions.

Another crucial aspect of a reliable data room is its client satisfaction. You can tell whether a service has a good reputation by reviewing reviews on popular reviewer platforms such as Capterra and G2. Look at the number of reviews and the average rating, as well as what other customers have to say about the company.