The most important factor in a successful document management system is its efficiency, organization and consistency. By replacing manual processes with automated processes, your DMS can simplify the entire workflow process. This is a huge benefit for your business as it will save you time and also reduce navigate to this web-site the errors that can happen if you manage documents manually.

Document capture is the initial step in any DMS process and can be accomplished in several ways, such as through scanning or importing paper files into the system. After you’ve scanned your documents index them. This process adds terms to the document to ensure that it can be retrieved ten years down the road when someone is searching for a particular file. This can be accomplished in many different ways. For instance you could tag the document with the customer’s number or order number.

Once your files have been indexable, you can go through and accept the documents. In most cases it will require multiple parties to work together and review the document. If this is the situation, your DMS should have an document approval procedure that lets you send documents to all of the stakeholders you want to meet with. Then, all reviewers can comment on the file and request changes or even approve the document with just one click.

Once a document has been approved the document can be released for internal use and also published to other channels, such as social media or your website. This is often a very important step in the workflow as it allows your business to effectively communicate with customers and ensures them that they’re working with a trustworthy efficient, efficient company.