When opening a board meeting the chair of the board notes that the board is gathered to discuss business. This simple statement confirms that the meeting is formal and enables the board chair to begin addressing agenda items promptly.

Before deciding on agenda items, the chair of the board verifies that a quorum is present. This is accomplished by calling out the names of everyone present and ensuring that the board has enough members to conduct official business.

Being distracted by new discussions topics can consume time and distract from the most important issues. This can be averted by creating the concept of a „parking area“ at the conclusion of your agenda for the board, in which members are able to discuss random topics at a future time. Make sure you follow through on your commitment to go back to the parking lot to decide if the subject should be researched further or added to the next agenda of the board or delegated as a task.

After the board has constituted the quorum, and has begun to discuss, it should hear any committee reports that were sent prior to the meeting. The board then should discuss the items and decide on how to proceed. This could mean the vote on a resolution or simply asking members to decide on a particular issue. Make sure you include all actions and discussions into the minutes of you could try here the board. Using a program like Boardable’s Minutes Maker ensures that your minutes of board meetings are complete, well-organized and easy to be read by both attendees and non-attendees.