If you’re confronted with a new deal, unexpected problem or a new investment your real estate company has to respond swiftly and with the appropriate information. It is inefficient and time-consuming to rely on conventional methods of communication, such as spreadsheets and emails, physical documents, and telephone calls to share this information.

Deal management software helps teams streamline data collection and delivery, and automate critical tasks to provide quicker information that aids in making investment decisions. With these tools, your team can identify more opportunities, guide them through the various stages of the sales funnel and track their progress to ensure your investors‘ best interests are being fulfilled.

A Better Way to Manage Deals and Capture Deals

Sales are a combination of art and part science. To improve your win rate it is vital that your team members build on their strengths and reduce the weaknesses of each member. This can only be achieved with reliable, individualized data that lays out the entire process of selling. This data can be easily shared among team members with an application for deal management. Sales managers can also access this data to ensure they are aware of the current status of deals.

In a busy real property market, the difference between hitting and missing can be as simple as a misplaced customer detail or a misunderstood timeline of a customer. The appropriate tools and sales-enablement content can help your team overcome these issues, resulting in an effective engagement that is backed up by data, and more wins. Additionally, the best deal management software will also detect any potential issues and slowdowns in your sales pipeline which allows you to react quickly and make the most of an opportunity that could otherwise be missed.