Many of the top antivirus packages available today offer protection against malware, as well as the threat of phishing, snoopers and other shady websites. Many have multi-device plans.

The top-rated antivirus programs listed on this list offer top protection, with some delivering flawless results in independent labs for data room serivce testing. They are easy to use and take up only a small amount of computer resources.

Some of the more comprehensive options on this list include additional features such as a VPN or password manager, as well as identity theft protection. Depending on your needs these might be worth the additional cost over basic packages.

Another thing to consider is how the antivirus program is compatible with your operating system and the amount of the computer’s resources it’ll eat up while running in the background. Many antivirus programs can cause your computer to slow down when they use up excessive memory and CPU power. Others will run quietly in the background, without using excessive resources, and won’t cause your computer to hang or crash.

The final thing to look for in an antivirus software is a constantly updated malware database. New cyber-attacks are constantly created, so it’s crucial to find an antivirus provider that regularly update its virus definitions and other malware detection tools.