Avast’s free review windows

The interface for Avast is simple to use, and has an easy separation of its different elements. The blue icons are easy to use and come with orange accents that are in line with the logo of the company. On the homepage, you can perform a scan, turn on the VPN and gain access to shortcuts to a few not-so-useful tools for optimizing your system. The fact that the most valuable features are hidden within the „Explore tab“ is infuriating.

Installation is straightforward, and you’re not forced into opting for the free version. However, an extensive scan could reveal „advanced issues“ that can only be resolved by paying for premium security. This is a bit sneaky, especially when the Resolve button takes you to a web page asking you to sign to Avast’s Premium security plan. Avast also sells user information as revealed in a report from 2020 by Which? magazine.