Bitdefender is easy to download from the Mac App Store and, after you’ve granted it access your security settings in System Preferences and full disk access, it’s ready to go. It will update its virus definitions automatically and lets you choose between a Quick Scan, a Deep Scan and a custom scan of files and external volumes as required. The program also has an effective anti-theft feature that allows you to locate your device, set an alarm, delete its items remotely, and block it from connecting to wifi networks.

It also includes a knowledge base on the internet that includes articles and videos. A quick custom scan on my device took only 5 minutes. It’s also one of the few programs that offer a vulnerability scan that checks your device for old programs and weak passwords.

Overall, Bitdefender is among the most effective malware detection scanners, consistently delivering remarkable results in independent lab tests. It has unbeatable rates of spyware detection and a wide array of security features, including a password manager and parental controls. It includes machine protection as part of a variety of its business plans. This is a huge advantage compared to other services.

Bitdefender’s interface is simple to navigate and breaks down its features into three categories three categories: Privacy Security, Protection and Utilities. Protection covers things that are included with most antivirus tools including real-time protection such as firewall monitoring, and ransomware countermeasures. Privacy is the process of figuring out ways to be secure while browsing the internet. For instance a safe browser that runs websites in the sandbox can keep malware out of your regular browser. The Utilities category is filled with optimization tools as well as other handy utilities.