A boardroom online is a video conference that occurs in real-time and utilizes web-based applications to allow directors to participate from different locations. It permits the board of directors to collaborate on documents and the participants can take notes and make comments on them. The meeting can also be recorded and saved to the computer for later review. Most portals for board meetings offer HD audio/video conference, screen sharing, document uploading and downloading capabilities. These options can be used to brainstorm ideas or organize meetings that are simple with the board. The eSignature feature offered by many online boardrooms can be a great way to speed the process of signing minutes after an event.

In terms of technology the boardroom online is similar to traditional conference rooms in that it has an area large enough to accommodate all members of the board of directors and an internet connection. The meeting is held on a secure server and all documents are recorded and stored electronically.

A boardroom is the place where decisions are made that affect everyone from the employees of the company to investors who hold its shares. This is why it is essential to have a top-quality boardroom with all the tools needed to support efficient decision making. One method to accomplish this is using a board management program which is an online data room that was designed specifically for this purpose. This tool lets members upload documents and access them, share them and edit them without difficulty. It can also be used to connect and to add temporary third party partners.