When taking minutes of board meetings, there are many considerations that require careful attention. It’s an assignment that requires someone who is able to plan ahead, listen carefully and create a detailed report of the meeting.

Meeting minutes are important documents that record decisions taken by the board. Therefore, they should be precise and reflect the discussions which took place during the meeting. It’s a good idea to review the agenda beforehand so that you know what information you have to record during the meeting. This will prevent important details from getting lost in the cracks during the meeting. A third party could also assist in interpreting the minutes. This will ensure that the person who reads the minutes is not biased, and has an objective view on the content of minutes.

It is crucial to include not just the most important aspects, but also the actions taken during the meeting. Also, who was accountable for each action. Inputting these details will enable the board members to refer back to minutes of meetings in the future.

Finally, a note must be recorded regarding the presence of the majority. A quorum is defined as the presence of at least two-thirds of the board members.

Additionally, it is essential to document any documents distributed or any special presentations that were made during the meeting. It is also a good idea to include the date and time of the meeting in the minutes.