Bulgarian wedding party traditions are filled with interesting traditions and customs. They date back to centuries. In fact , a few of these traditions remain in existence today. However , there are many that have been misplaced or improved. Before you begin planning your wedding, you need to understand what traditions are essential to you.

One of the most important traditions is the crowning of the couple. The crown is normally an ancient symbol of good luck. That signifies that bride and groom will be combined in the psychic life. This ritual is normally performed in church.

Another custom is the braiding of the bride. This ritual is said to assist the woman protect little from terrible spirits. To get started on the braiding, a friend in the groom begins the procedure.

Typically, the new bride wears red on her veil. According to Bulgarian custom, the color within the veil provides good luck.

The bride’s family gives her dowry. The dowry is generally a small , hand crafted gift. In case the couple decides not to include a dowry, they can include modern wedding party gifts rather.

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After the marriage, newlyweds eat bread and russiansbrides.com/bulgarian-women/ sweetie. These foods will be symbols of fertility and delight. Frequently , the primary piece of the circular loaf is covered with sodium. The second piece is dropped https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/dating/dating-advice-for-the-21st-century/ in honey to symbolize the sweetness of relationship.


A second tradition consists of a special loaf of bread called pitka. A piece of the bread is perfect for the few, as well as for guests. Pitka is mostly a pull-apart loaf of bread.