The possibility of technical problems is high when you hold an online meeting. For example, one of your board members could have an unreliable internet connection or his battery could die during the meeting. It’s a good idea to request remote participants to check their devices prior to the meeting. Also you can offer them training and assistance so they are prepared to utilize your board portal before the actual meeting actually takes place.

In addition, to the basic options, you should look for a digital meeting space that provides high levels of security and compliance. The best online boards protect your information at the server level and allow you to modify the access of different users to certain documents.

Another important feature is the capability to record votes. Recording the results of your vote in your virtual meeting space will guarantee accountability and transparency, unlike the traditional show of hands system. It will also cut down on the time spent on board resolutions, and increase the efficiency in your meetings.

The software should be easy to navigate and comprehend for all, even if you have less tech-savvy attendees. It must also be compatible with all platforms, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, it must provide a print-friendly format. Some board members prefer printing documents or presentations, for many reasons. Chat functions should be available in the digital boardroom for rapid collaboration.