Avast is a well-known antivirus solution that provides excellent features specifically designed to defend you when browsing the web. It is a powerful and reliable product that is easy to use. However, it can cause issues and slow down your Mac when it isn’t set up correctly. If you encounter this issue, it is important to learn how to disable the the avast Web shield on your Mac to boost performance.

Avast Web Shield is a security feature that continuously checks the data you transfer when browse the Internet to prevent malware from downloading and running on your computer. It also prevents websites from being accessed and protects you from hackers who attempt to access your system remotely. It also blocks malware and spyware.

The program scans programs and files in real-time as they are downloaded or opened, identifying any threats. Ransomware, a type of malware that locks your files until you pay a ransom, trojans, which appear like legitimate software but infect your computer with malware, are examples. It can even detect botnets being used to attack other computers.

You can also modify the settings. This includes blocking certain websites as well as enabling HTTPS scan. Script scanning is also enabled, which helps to prevent browsers and other programs from running potentially dangerous scripts. You can also include or exclude certain MIME types or extensions of files, which could increase performance.

It also comes with an option that warns you if an application is downloaded from websites. It also informs the Avast community of any malware that is detected on your device. This will allow other users to avoid malware infections, or at the very least be warned if they’re planning to download something risky.