Email is an integral part of our lives, but hackers could make use of it to get access to our sensitive data. We should choose secure email providers with end-to-end encrypted messages and other features to guard our privacy.

The best secure email services are designed with security as a top priority. They have an intuitive interface and provide strong encryption options to keep your messages secure. They also provide features such as two-factor authentication, which ensures that even if your password was compromised it will be difficult for anyone to gain access to your account.

ProtonMail, an open-source email provider, offers end-to-end encryption to shield messages from unauthorized access. It employs a mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption to ensure that only you can access your messages. It does not request any personal information when you sign-up, and its servers are in Switzerland. This means that it is out of reach of the EU and US government.

Tutanota is a secure email service that takes privacy very seriously. It has a simple, user-friendly interface that offers complete encryption as well as two-factor authentication. It is also available for free and has more options for companies.

Zoho Mail is not often featured on lists of most secure email services, however, it offers strong protection for your email. It has SSL encryption to ensure that your data is secure in transit, and it supports POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols. It has an intuitive user-interface and is mostly used by businesses, however it is accessible for free by individuals too.